Stations & Entrees

We can dazzle them with our bite size creations, but it doesn't stop there. Our Nouveau Louisiane cuisine packs a heavy punch of filling flavor.



White Wine Chicken Fettucini * Pastalaya (Chicken & Sausage) * Pollo Milanese * Red Wine Braised Beef & Root Veg * Butter Pecan Chicken Fettucini * Blackened Chicken & Parm Cavatappi * Grilled Chicken Drake Wild Rice * Shrimp Sherry Louisiane Fettucini * Crawfish & Pepperjack Mac * Crawfish Etoufee * Shrimp & Grits * Grits & Grillades * Spanish Paella 

Carving: Himalayan Salted Beef Tender * Blackened Rib Roast * Peach Pepper Pork Tenderloin * Cane Syrup BBQ Smoked Brisket * Whole Hog Cochon D’Lait 



Small Plate Stations
-mesquite grilled semi-boneless quail & mexican street corn jack grits-
-nola bbq shrimp & creole butter with leidenheimer french bread- -blackened gulf shrimp & jack ravioli in a light basil pesto cream-
-ribeye bites in peppercorn cream with baby twice baked potatoes-
-fried oysters & warm spinach salad-
-mint pesto lamb pops & papas bravas- 

Soup Stations
-chicken & sausage gumbo- -seafood gumbo-
-tomato basil & grilled cheese- -corn & crab bisque-
-lobster bisque & filet skewers- -smoked chicken enchilada & jack nacho-

Street Taco Bar
Choice of: coca cola adobo brisket, ancho chili pulled pork, chipotle chicken, blackened chili shrimp or cilantro veggies -served with flour & corn tortillas, queso fresco, pico, cilantro & pickled onion-

Charbroiled Oyster Bar
In Season only
Choice of: traditional garlic & parm, charbroiled rockefeller, oysters caspiana (pecan rosemary & butter), oysters montgomery (alabama white sauce, bacon & crackling crumble)

Poboy Bar
Choice of: Fried Shrimp, Fried Catfish, Roast Beef Debris & Fried Oysters (in season) -served with leidenheimer bread, lettuce, tomato, mayo & creole mustard-



Side Dishes

Portabella Risotto * Yukon Gold Mashed Potato Bar * Whipped Sweet Potato Bar * Four Cheese Potatoes Au Gratin * Sauteed Green Beans & Almonds * Wild Rice Drake with Zucchini & Mushrooms * Chicken & Sausage Jambalaya * Mint Melon Fruit Salad * Mardi Gras Greens Salad (Red Onion Vin) * Chopped Sirloin Chopped Salad * Pickled Shrimp & Tortellini * Grilled Veggie Farfalle * Artichoke & Feta Ditalini * Shrimp & Corn Bowtie * Thai Chicken & Udon Noodle Salad